Matala, Red Beach


Legend first sung the beach with sand and deep blue waters next to the large rock caves immersed in the Messara gulf waters. Tells the tale of Zeus swam ashore in the form of a bull with Europe on his back and then led her to Gortyn. Cape south of Matala also has been identified with the Nysos cape and point wrecked the ships of Menelaos (Odyssey).

The story in turn, records the existence of the ancient town of Matala, the Mattel. The Matala, the ancient Mattel, there have been port of Phaistos and Gortys. The archaeological excavations in the 80s came to light large buildings and metal workshops, pottery, carpentry, etc.

The ancient Cretan make the most of the natural port of Matala, which we imagine that acquired great prestige and wealth. This explains the great period of the city's edge, from the 6th BC to the 7th century AD. Signs of this era are scattered everywhere: In the ruins of the ancient citadel on the hill in the seabed and the mysterious beauty of all nature testifies to the long history.

The carved caves, the most famous attraction of Matala was probably early Christian tombs and used the Roman era. But the great reputation owe to the hippies who looking for a tranquility unconventional life found in Matala. Young people from all points of the Earth came together for several years in Matala, after leaving an indelible aura of their culture in the area. The festival is held each June with Greek and foreign music bands and sounds that era revives a very successful season and is a magnet for people from all over the world. The energy and emotion of hippies always live here:

Today, Matala is a modern tourist resort, holding the charm, has very considerable hospitality infrastructure. Beautiful beach and inside the village, shops, hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, market with local products, food items and clothing, souvenirs, jewelry and art forms. Also, almost every day, in the evenings there are various live bands to spread their music everywhere with youthful enthusiasm. Matala seem to have ever celebration.