Red Beach

Matala, Red Beach

The perfect beach, if you like it more quite

If you dream of a beach that touches perfection, we can confide in your name: Red sand! One of the most scenic and secluded beaches of the wider region, where you arrive by walking 20 minutes from Matala. Along the way you will encounter are other caves, some of which are inhabited in summer. You walk up to the remains of ancient civilization and fossils. You will enjoy the combination of endless blue sky and sea with green and red Skines their wrist. You see casually throwing up in the sky and rocks in the sea martins. And that's how you get up the hill download. The view from there is breathtaking.  The beach is characterized by dark, coffee red sand that surrounds and magnificent crystal clear waters. It is just 800 meters from Matala and is a beach with incredible beauty.

How to get there:
There are two paths to the beach according to your possibilities. But the path that is most compatible starts right in front of the "Red Sand Villa" and that is why we have given this name. A path with signs leads to the next hill south of Matala and then straight to the beach.

With a few supplies in your luggage, appropriate shoes and good mood, you will reach quickly and pleasantly.
Important note is that the beach sand Red was the only official Greek beach designated "the world best nudist beaches" by the TV channel "Sky Travel".

  Finally, the beach Red Sand has officially proposed as the 3rd best nudist beach in the whole world by Travel Channel!